Cowra Probus hits the mark with guest speaker | Keeper Cowra

Cowra Mens’ Probus Chairman Richard Oliver presented his report to the Annual General Meeting at the club meeting on March 1.

In his report, he expressed the difficulties of the previous 12 months with all the restrictions that had to be observed with COVID.

He said he was happy to welcome new members to the club and was saddened by the deaths of other members.

He thanked the club executive for their help during the year and hoped next year would be easier.

In the elections, Richard Oliver was elected president, as were Allan Vorias and Phil Cottam as secretary and treasurer.

Other elected members were Vice President Doug Beer, Geoff Baker, Mike Bonnor, Roy Cox, Jim Marden, Robert McKay, Tony Smith and Allan Vorias again as Touring Manager.

The guest speaker at the meeting was Mick Crowe, President of the Cowra Gun Club, introduced by Richard Oliver.

In his speech Mick said the club had been active since 1944, originally at a site behind the cemetery until 1952 when it moved to its present site on Grenfell Road.

The clubhouse was a POW camp hut and right now they are applying for grants to improve the buildings.

He said when the club started there was only one trap, but now he has five. There are four grades of marksmen, AA being the best with a success rate of 97%.

To be a member, you must be of good character with clearances and references. The club shoots the first Saturday of the month and the third Saturday is a practice day. Shooters can compete locally, zone, state and national.

Mick said it’s not a cheap sport with guns going up to $40,000. The gun wood is walnut made from the roots of the tree. Each shell costs 50c and in a No8 shell there are 300 pellets. The targets are biodegradable and are so finely crafted that if a single pellet hits the target it will register the hit.

Allan Vorias thanked Mick and made a presentation on behalf of the members.

Since the easing of COVID restrictions, Cowra Mens Probus Club Tour Manager Allan Vorias has arranged a trip to West Wyalong to go to the movies. A former Cowra Club member, Ron Cooper, was instrumental in the recreation of the Tivoli Theater in the former Masonic Hall.

The trip took the members there via Young and Temora, with morning tea at Centenary Lake in Temora, then on to West Wyalong for a great pre-movie lunch.

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