Damien (Damo) Rullo – Actor, Comedian, Travel Agent, Cabin Crew, JOY Volunteer and Presenter – Part 2

Damien (Damo) Rullo – Actor, Comedian, Travel Agent, Cabin Crew, JOY Volunteer and Presenter – Part 2

Music, society and culture

In Part 2 of this episode of For One Night Only (FONO), Pete Holmes continues to talk to his very special guest co-host, Damien (Damo) Rullo about his mixtape and his story. Damo trained as an actor in Los Angeles and is continuing his acting career. He has also been a comedian, travel agent and now works as a cabin crew and flies across the country! Damo is also a long-time volunteer and presenter of JOY Daytimes at JOY. His story includes his acting, his time in Los Angeles, and his travels. His mixtape features loads of uplifting tracks from Miley Cyrus, Tina Arena, Kelly Clarkson, Charmillionaire, Hannah Montana, Whitney Houston, Delta Goodrem, Steps and many more.

Here is the list of Damo’s songs but you will have to listen to know more about each song:

Reading order Title of the song song artist Length
1 I feel Black Eyed Peas 4:49
2 Fireman Sam theme song geeky music 1:59
3 Burn Arena Tina 4:43
4 Sorrento Moon Arena Tina 4:23
5 5 6 7 8 Not 3:22
6 born to try Delta Goodrem 4:13
seven A Moment Like This, 2002 Kelly Clarkson 3:48
8 Jupiter’s releases Form 4:20
9 The angels brought me here Guy Sebastian 4:00
ten Party in the United States Miley Cyrus 3:23
11 Hello Chamillionaire 3:33
12 Replay Iyaz 3:02
13 Glamour Fergie 4:07
14 Unwritten Natasha Beddingfield 4:19
15 life is a highway Rascal Flatts 4:36
16 Mr. I know everything Kelly Clarkson 3:52
17 The best of both worlds Hannah Montana 2:54
18 Start of something new musical high school 3:17
19 I will always remember you Hannah Montana 3:53
20 Reach s club 7 4:02
21 Step by step Whitney Houston. 4:13
22 that’s what makes you beautiful. A direction 3:20
23 Chains Arena Tina 4:22
24 If I were a river. Arena Tina 5:21
25 It’s me The greatest showman 3:55

For One Night Only is a late night show on JOY 94.9 and a podcast where members of our rainbow communities can talk through the mixtape of their lives so far.

Note: This podcast is only available to our Australian listeners due to music copyright requirements.

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