Despite impeachment measures, I remain loyal member of PDP, VP breaks silence – Blueprint Newspapers Limited

Deputy Speaker of the Ebonyi State Legislative Assembly, Odefa Obasi Odefa

Ebonyi State Assembly Deputy Speaker Odefa Obasi Odefa on Saturday reaffirmed his loyalty to the People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

Odefa, who is representing Onicha East constituency in the state for the fourth time, said he remains loyal to the PDP as the platform he has served his people for 16 years.

Speaking to reporters in Abakaliki, Odefa said, “You may remember that for more than a year now, when the Executive Governor of our beloved state, Chief David Nweze Umahi left the People’s Democratic Party ( PDP) for the Progressive Congress (APC), there was There has been all sorts of speculation about whether some of us belong to a political party. I have therefore invited you, the members of the Fourth Estate of the Kingdom, my home constituency before I joined partisan politics, to publicly and unequivocally declare my position partisan wise for the records.

“As a legislator, democrat and strong believer in the principles of the rule of law, I am keenly aware of the provisions of the 1999 constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as (amended), particularly article 68 ( 1)g, which clearly sets out the constitutional consequences of a legislator leaving the political party that sponsored him for election to another political party. The constitution also sets out in clear terms the conditions that could result in defection from the party political party on whose platform one is elected for another political party.

“Furthermore, it is a well-established legislative tradition and convention that a legislator wishing to move from his party to another party is required to write formally to the Speaker of the House to inform him and the other legislators in plenary, of this decision, it is recorded that I never made this decision, just like my other colleagues in the Ebonyi State Assembly.

“Therefore, this press briefing is to affirm unequivocally that I have remained a man loyal to the party and that this is not about to change. My party, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) from the neighborhood, local government, state and national level remain in peace, united and in no way present the path that could lead to my defection from the party to another political party. . Moreover, I am a great beneficiary of the benevolence and good reputation of the PDP. In fact, I am the most privileged legislator in the history of the Ebonyi State Assembly, having been elected to the House for a record four terms, all on the solid platform of the PDP! I have no moral basis or justification for abandoning the party that has been so good to me.

“More so, after extensive consultations with my constituents at various levels, my constituents have made it clear that they remain loyal to the PDP and would like me to remain in the party as their representatives. Of course, democratic representation is all about the wishes of the people. After all, if I go against the will of my constituents, I may have failed in the primary duty of a legislator and that would be political hara-kiri. Therefore, I hereby affirm that I remain a loyal, committed and proud member of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Ebonyi State Chapter.

“Following the above, I am aware that there are already clandestine steps to possibly incarcerate me, intimidate me and harass me; my family members and my political associates. I am also aware that there is an attempted unlawful attempt to impeach me as Deputy Speaker of the Ebonyi State Assembly, a post which my colleagues have found me worthy and capable of holding. for a few years now. I assure our party members, supporters and constituents that I stand firm on the side of the law and will deploy all legal means to protect my basic human rights. My loyalty to my dear colleagues and the leadership of the Ebonyi State Assembly remains steadfast.

“In Ebonyi State, I have no political enemies. I have very cordial relations with the Executive Governor of Ebonyi State, Chief David Nweze Umahi, for whom I have immense respect; we are both brothers and partners working to improve our state. As a lawmaker and one of the leaders of the state, I assure the people of the state that I am more than ever committed to the growth of democracy and democratic values ​​in our beloved state and therefore , I will continue to join other people of good will and patriotic citizens of our dear State in pursuit of progress and development for our dear State. Thank you all.

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