Entrepreneur Ranbir Roy reveals what makes him an influential motivational speaker

Progress is the only motivation that allows an individual to continue in life. After all, no one wants to be stuck in the same place doing the same thing over and over again. Creativity and curiosity are two important virtues that every entrepreneur possesses. Having a successful career coupled with other qualities of leadership and business management, Ranbir Roy gave new meaning to entrepreneurship.

Originally from Patna, he grew up in Delhi and Pune. From an early age, Ranbir Roy was fascinated with learning new things. Always eager to improve his skills, he dove deep into the world of entrepreneurship and established himself as one of the most sought after names. Roy is the pioneer of various companies including RR Group of Hotels, VSG Media & Management Company and India ESports Company.

Interestingly, he is a motivational speaker whose words have woven magic and inspired thousands of people across India. Holder of a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Delhi, Roy then continued his studies for a Masters in Law. Versatile as he has always been, Roy knows how to manage several jobs simultaneously. Among the other prolific traits that Ranbir Roy is proud of is his high level of instinct.

As an entrepreneur by profession, he is also a cricket analyst who gave almost accurate cricket match predictions in IPL 2021. When asked what makes him successful yet humble, Ranbir said attributed knowledge as the main reason for its enormous success. “The only way to lead the race in any field is to gain knowledge about it and become a master in that particular field. When you know and hold the expertise in any field, nothing can stop you from becoming a champion,” Roy said.

The motivational speaker further revealed that success is not an overnight process. Elaborating on this, he said, “You have to be consistent to be successful. Only after trying and failing will you see the light of victory. I have never given up on the things that challenge my potential because the thing that breaks you might be what makes you. Apart from his successful career in the professional space, Ranbir Roy is a traveler who enjoys traveling and exploring new destinations of the world.

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