Executives Worsen Supply Chain Disruptions – Produce Blue Book

An interesting question was asked during last week’s International Fresh Produce Association virtual town hall about supply chain disruptions.

Are there government solutions to this crisis?

It seems not.

Governments have done a less than desirable job in education, communication and developing regulations.

The latest misstep is the imposition of vaccination mandates by the Canadian and US governments on workers and truckers entering the two countries.

Last week, the US Department of Homeland Security confirmed that US Customs and Border Protection would begin enforcing a vaccine requirement for entry into the United States for essential workers. This includes guest workers for agriculture (but not illegal border crossings).

Requiring workers and truckers to be vaccinated to deliver needed products is bad policy. The consequences will lead to further supply disruptions and higher prices.

Government leaders simply cannot be taken seriously when they impose regulations that disrupt trade between two friendly countries and keep volunteer workers out of the labor force.

This is not an article about the efficacy, legality, or morality of vaccines or mandates against COVID-19 – it is more about common sense.

Science and data have changed many times since the pandemic began nearly two years ago, so I think people have a right to change their minds about how best to fight a deadly virus.

But the United States believed in, practiced, and supported free market capitalism. That hasn’t been the case for the past two years and it certainly isn’t the case now.

We see the consequences of such decisions, and businesses and citizens feel the pain. And we feel it much more than those who make the decisions.

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