First look at Tesla’s Sentry Mode live view that lets you scare people with a voice modifier

Tesla owners are starting to try out Sentry Mode’s new live view and revealed that it also lets you stream audio to your car with a voice modifier.

As we reported earlier this week, Tesla launched Remote Sentry Live View as a new premium connectivity feature.

The automaker wrote in the release notes:

You can now remotely view the surroundings of your car when it is parked to confirm the safety of your surroundings before returning to your car. The live camera is end-to-end encrypted and is not accessible by Tesla. To activate or deactivate, tap Controls> Safety and security.

However, we missed that for vehicles equipped with the speaker for pedestrian warning sound, Tesla also added an audio streaming feature.

It works just like Google’s Nest cameras.

You press a button and you can talk to people around your car while it’s parked. And because Tesla is Tesla, there is a disturbing voice modifier:

The feature is rolling out as part of Tesla’s update 2021.36.8, but in-app speaking is only available for Tesla vehicles with the speakerphone for pedestrian warning sounds, which was added in 2019.

Taking Electek

It’s funny how when Tesla first introduced the Speakerphone for Pedestrian Sounds, many Tesla owners were upset that their vehicles were less quiet.

It was added as part of a new regulation for electric vehicles to emit sound at low speeds to prevent pedestrian accidents. However, the regulation has been controversial because it does not apply to vehicles with internal combustion engines – although modern vehicles are also very quiet at low speeds.

But anyway, now Tesla owners who don’t have the speakerphone are the ones complaining because they don’t have access to those cool, albeit arguably fancy, features like sight / conversation. remote and personalized sound playback through the speakers while driving.

Kudos to Tesla for taking a feature mandated by regulation and making it fun features.

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