French TV show Call My Agent! Aiming to become a West End musical

Currently in the works, the stage musical adaptation also has Broadway aspirations.

Adam Kenwright of Kindred Partners and David Livingstone of Calamity Films announced that Call my agent! Musical comedy is in development, adapted from the French TV show. The new production hopes to launch in London in late 2024 before a Broadway run.

A French comedy-drama series, Call my agent! (Ten percent) follows four agents of a talent agency as they struggle to keep it afloat after the death of its founder, while navigating the benefits and challenges of representing celebrities.

Part of the original show’s draw is a special guest star each week, a practice Kenwright and Livingstone plan to continue with the new musical. The production plans to announce its creative team later this year.

In a statement, Kenwright shared, “We believe we can produce an all-new musical that can deliver wit, comedy and drama with the romance of Paris.” Livingstone’s own statement elaborated on this, saying, “The show needs to feel like it’s been made into something different, highlighting the issues of empowerment, the issues that stardom can bring and making sure that agents are central to the story throughout.”

Michel Feller of Mon Voisin Productions, one of the production companies behind the TV show, said: “The TV show has been so successful around the world that Kindred Partners and Calamity Films have to be totally free to make the best show possible.”

The TV show was created by Fanny Herrero and produced by Dominique Besnehard, Cédric Klapisch, Michel Feller, Aurélien Larger and Harold Valentin. Originally launched in France in 2015, the series has since become the country’s most successful original television comedy and is now available in most countries via Netflix. It recently won the International Emmy for Best Comedy Series. An English version of the show titled ten percent is set to launch later this year on Amazon Prime.

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