Gehlot government on alert mode for lumpy virus prevention! The vaccine will start from this date

Jaipur: In order to prevent the lumpy skin disease infection from spreading among the livestock in the state, the government of Rajasthan will soon launch the vaccination campaign. The state government has obtained permission from the central government to purchase 20,000,000 goto smallpox vaccines. In the first phase, a vaccination campaign will be carried out by purchasing 5,000,000 vaccines. PC Kishan, Secretary of Rajasthan’s Livestock Department, said lumpi virus infection is continuously increasing in the state. According to government figures, 2 lakh 31 thousand 907 cows have been infected so far. Of these, 10,000,882 cows died. He is also relieved to see that the mortality rate of infected animals is 4.69%.

Feed cows to boost immune power – Governor
Governor Kalraj Mishra has ordered the government to speed up efforts to contain the virus in cows. Regularly review all gaushalas and rural areas in the district collecting comprehensive information on pet cattle. Taking care of cleanliness in Gaushalas, also have them disinfected. Instructions were given to make arrangements to administer the dose of cowpox vaccine. Along with this, it was said to give animal food to increase the immune power of cows.

There are no traces of infected cows in rural areas
According to government data, more than 2 lakh 30,000 cows are infected with this virus in the state. When in reality the number of infected cows is much more than that. There are thousands of cows in remote rural areas of the state that are in the grip of Lumpi virus infection. There is no arrangement to keep them separate and no treatment is going on. The way stray cattle roam in the open in rural areas. Most of the cows there are under the influence of this infection. The government has not been able to count them.

Call a special house meeting to discuss the lumpi virus: Biharilal Bishnoi
BJP MP Bihar Lal Bishnoi from Nokha Vidhan Sabha of Bikaner District has asked the Speaker for a special meeting of the House to be called to discuss the lumpi virus. With this, comprehensive information on the statewide situation will be presented to the government. Let everyone know about the government’s efforts. Bihari MP Lal Bishnoi has released an amount of Rs 20 lakh from his MLA fund for lumpi virus prevention.

(Report:- Ramswaroop Lamoror)


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