Google, a big security fan, expands guest assistant mode to 9 more languages

Plus, more new security features

safer with google

Google uses Safer Internet Dayan initiative led by the European Union to announce several extensions of the security features it has made available on its various platforms. After all, you might need it one day. Better to have more than less.

What’s arguably the biggest announcement here is old news: if you ever wanted to use Google One VPN on your iPhone, you finally can!


Using the Google Assistant on a smart speaker or display? Want to enable the equivalent of Incognito Mode on them? Guest mode will arrive in nine new languages ​​”in the coming months”.

The Google Fi app will soon get a real-time location sharing feature, meaning you’ll be able to let your family or plan mates know where you are. Think of it as a speed-dial number for location sharing if you don’t already have one.


And if you’re browsing the web with Chrome on multiple devices with the same account, you’ll soon be able to take advantage of enhanced Safe Browsing, which issues warnings about dangerous web pages and tracks exposed passwords, at the account level. You’ll soon be able to see this new toggle in the security settings when you manage your Google Account.

With everything new, the same thing still applies: apply two-step verification (preferably using a non-SMS method) when you can. Google says it was able to sign up more than 150 million people to 2SV last year to protect their accounts.

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