Google Assistant guest mode adds support for 9 more languages

Last year, Google introduced “guest mode” in Google Assistant running on smart speakers or displays, which, as the name suggests, allows guests to use your home smart devices without accessing Your personal information. For example, guests can control music playback, but they can’t check your next appointment. It was basically the incognito/private mode of a web browser, but on Google Assistant.

google announced yesterday in a blog post, he added nine more languages ​​to Guest Mode: Danish, Indonesian, Dutch, Norwegian, Portuguese, Swedish, Thai, Mandarin, and Hindi. These join the existing seven – English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Japanese and Korean – for a total of 16 supported languages. Google says support for new languages ​​will come “in the coming months,” and you can check the status by asking “Hey Google, tell me about guest mode” on your smart display or speaker.

Google guest mode running on smart display

This news about the guest mode language extension was the most notable in a series of other announcements made by Google during “Safer Internet Day”, a initiative launched by the European Union. Other announcements include the Google Fi app getting the ability to share real-time location with friends and family for free, the addition of account-level Enhanced Safe Browsing, which offers “the more extensive against [online] threats against your Google Account”, on smart devices, and Google One VPN on iOS devices. The latter is actually big news, except that Google had already announced it a week before.

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