Google Nest adds Apple TV, guest mode and hands-free controls

The Google Nest team has been working on a number of updates and new features for the Nest devices across the product line. The new Google Nest Hub was announced just a few weeks ago with improved design and features. Google Nest will also be integrated with Samsung SmartThings so that your current smart home can be much smarter. Expect more services, brands and features to be built into the Google Nest system that will be announced as the company is constantly evolving, especially in these times.

Some of the major improvements made by the Google Nest team include the upcoming Apple TV app on Chromecast with Google TV. This means more content from more sources for everyone. The frenzy of movies and shows is part of our everyday life for most people as we are encouraged to stay at home.

If you wanted to watch these Apple TV shows and movies, you can do it now with Chromecast with Google TV. More content will be added regularly. Feel free to add them to your watchlist and watch at your leisure.

More updates from Google Nest can make your home even more useful, as well as being smarter. For more and better recommendations, you can now tune Google TV with a thumbs up or thumbs down.

Google Nest gives you more control over your home. Use voice control for the Chromecast with Google TV. Privacy can also be easily controlled with Guest Mode on Nest displays and speakers. Guest mode also lets you ask questions of the assistant without making any changes to your profile and personalized results. Another special feature is “Direct Photo Sharing” which will allow you to easily share photos.

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