How to Enable/Disable Silent Mode Without the Switch on iPhone


The original iPhone had a physical Ring/Silent switch on the left side and it has carried over to every iPhone since. This is the only way to switch between ringer mode and silent mode, isn’t it?

Apple does not include an “official” method for switching between these modes without the physical switch. What if it stops working? What if you keep changing it accidentally? There are a few nifty “hacks” we can use thanks to the iPhone’s great accessibility suite.

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Create a “virtual” ringtone/silent switch

Let’s be a little more creative. By using the “AssitiveTouch” function of the iPhone, we can create a Ring/Silent virtual switch. First, open the “Settings” app.

Open the "Settings" application.

Next, go to the “Accessibility” settings and select “Touch”.

Go to "Accessibility" and "To touch."

Go to “Assistive Touch” and enable it at the top of the screen.

Enable "Support contact."

A floating button will appear on the screen. By default, this button opens a menu that can contain up to eight different shortcuts. Tap “Customize Top Level Menu”.

Faucet "Top level menu."

Select one of the shortcuts and change it to “Mute”.

Select a shortcut and do it "Mute."

Now when you open the menu you will have a mute/unmute toggle button that works independently of the physical switch, although the switch can still control modes if it is functional.

Mute switch.

If you want even easier access to the virtual switch, you can choose it as a Single-Tap, Double-Tap, or Long Press option for the floating button.

Custom Actions.

This method requires having a semi-transparent floating button on your screen all the time, but it’s a good trick, especially if the physical switch stops working.

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Press the back of the iPhone

Did you know you can initiate actions by tapping the back of your iPhone? This is a very cool trick and we can use it to toggle ring/silent mode. Let’s go to “Settings” to start.

Open the "Settings" application.

Next, go to the “Accessibility” settings and select “Touch”.

Go to "Accessibility" and "To touch."

Scroll down to “Back Tap”.

Select "Press Back."

Decide if you want to use the “Double Tap” or “Triple Tap” gesture.

Choose a gesture.

Select “Mute” from the list of actions.

Select "Mute."

That’s all we can say about it! Tap the back of the phone as many times as you chose to switch between Ring and Silent modes.

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It’s a bit odd that Apple ditched the headphone jack but stuck to that somewhat outdated method of controlling alert volume with a physical switch. Either way, you have viable options to bypass the switch.

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