How to Enable Incognito Mode in Google Chrome

Google Chrome’s Incognito mode can help keep your browsing data private by not saving your history and automatically clearing cookies. Here’s how to enable Chrome’s private browsing mode.

What is incognito mode in Chrome?

Google Chrome’s incognito mode is primarily designed to protect your browsing habits from other users on the same PC. Like other private browsing modes found in most web browsers, incognito mode does not save your browsing history or the information you enter into forms, and it clears your browser’s cache and cookies once you close the window.

Incognito mode won’t prevent you from being tracked on the internet by third parties, however – for that, you’ll need to take extra steps, like installing a VPN.

How to enable incognito mode

The fastest way to open incognito mode is to use a hotkey. Press Ctrl + Shift + n (Command + Shift + n on Mac) in Google Chrome, and a new incognito mode window will appear.

You can also enable incognito mode with the Chrome UI. Click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the window, then click on “New incognito window”.

Click the three dots, then click "New incognito window."

If you still want to use incognito mode, you can make Google Chrome start in incognito mode by default.

Whenever you launch a new tab with private browsing active, you will see a message saying “You have entered private browsing mode” in the middle of the screen.

Incognito mode is active

There’s another indicator for incognito mode in the top right corner of Chrome – it stays visible as long as you’re incognito.

Private Browsing Active Indicator

Remember that Incognito mode will not stop most tracking activities. This will only prevent your browsing history from being saved locally on your PC. Network administrators, your ISP, and the websites you visit are still able to identify you. You can find out which VPN service is better if you want more privacy.

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