How to protect your fuel supply

Here is the latest Word on the Ground column, written by NFU Holland (Lincs) County Councilor Jo Musson…

Several cases of fuel theft from domestic and commercial tanks have been reported to police in recent weeks.

As of March 2022, jet fuel prices are more than double October 2021 prices. Soaring fuel oil costs can make fuel tanks a target for criminals.

There are several ways to increase the safety of your tank.

Holland (Lincs) County Councilor Johanna Musson is pictured alongside Nicholas Watts, Sir John Hayes and Chris Carter

Consider a cage for your fuel tank, this will provide an extra layer for thieves to break through. Fences and the planting of defensive shrubbery will also help hide your tank from line of sight and also provide another obstacle for uninvited guests.

If possible, store the tank where you can watch it.

Think about who can see it.

Locate tanks away from rights-of-way and other easily accessible areas. Use security lights in conjunction with motion sensors and install cameras.

Install audio deterrents, such as gravel or other surfaces with audible qualities. Alarms that work on the principle of liquid movement inside the tank, fill cap alarms, and motion sensor alarms in and around the tank site will help alert you to activity around your tank.

Attempts to steal fuel can damage the structural integrity of a tank and allow hazardous substances to enter the wider environment.

Thieves are known to steal fuel from inside vehicles and farm machinery. Lock out tractors and motorized machinery at night.

We know that fuel theft is an issue that members may face and would like to see more support for law enforcement to tackle it. Similarly, police cohesion and engagement with other forces would be an important step forward and we would like to see more tactics and knowledge transfer.

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