How to Use Guest Mode on Google Assistant 2022 Smart Speakers and Displays

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Check how to use guest mode on Google Assistant smart speakers and displays

Google Assistant guest mode is available for your Google Home and Nest smart speakers and hubs. Essentially, incognito mode for your speaker or smart display is a simple way to give Google Assistant temporary amnesia for those times when you don’t want Mountain View’s big cloud sucking up more of your data. Google says it doesn’t save your “Hey Google” recordings by default anyway, and you can view and delete data from your Google Home at any time, but guest mode adds that extra layer of peace of mind. Maybe you are looking for birthday presents or places for a surprise party; Google Assistant’s guest mode is designed for such things. And it’s super easy to use, just say “Hey Google, turn on guest mode” within earshot of your smart speaker to activate it.

If you can’t remember whether guest mode is on or not, you can simply ask, “Ok Google, is guest mode on?”. Or, if you have a smart speaker with a screen, you might see a small icon with a person’s outline in the top right corner. When guest mode is enabled, the assistant automatically deletes recordings and activities without storing anything in your account history.

Enable guest mode on your smart speaker

You can activate the Google Assistant guest mode with the voice command “Ok Google, activate guest mode”. Once activated, you will hear a special beep indicating that the assistant has activated the function. It should be noted that guest mode remains enabled until you disable it again. The command to turn off guest mode is “Hey Google, turn off guest mode”. You can check the status of guest mode at any time with the command “Hey Google, is guest mode on?”.

What happens when guest mode is enabled?

If you turn on guest mode, Google won’t record your audio recordings or your interactions with Assistant, such as the voice commands you give. This happens even if you’ve chosen to save your Assistant interactions to your Google Account. Another important advantage of guest mode is the fact that it does not show personal results, for example, B. Your calendar events. It’s a nice addition for those who use Google Calendar to manage events. On the other hand, other Google services such as Maps or YouTube may still use your activities if activity history is enabled for those services. The same is true when using the Assistant with third-party apps. This will add the videos your guests are watching to your YouTube Watch History.

Features available in guest mode

  • Media controls, smart home controls, localized search results.
  • Actions in routines without personal results.
  • Announcement features such as broadcast and family bell.
  • Calls to home contacts.
  • Photo frame photos on smart screens.

Final Words: How to Use Guest Mode on Google Assistant Speakers and Smart Displays

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