How to Use Live Translate Mode in Alexa 2022

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Check how to use live translate mode in Alexa

Alexa’s new Live Translate option allows Amazon Echo devices to act as personal translators. Live Translate, like other digital assistant translation features, is an AI-powered tool that can identify multiple languages ​​as they are spoken and translate for both speakers. The underlying technology of Live Translate appears to be state of the art and you can read more about it in Amazon’s press release.

First, the feature is only available on Echo devices in the United States. Specifically, Amazon says users should set their Echo device’s location and system language to “US English.” to use live translation. You can easily change both in the Alexa mobile app if you need to, but not in every country, and it changes the Alexa accent, as well as the time, weather, and local alerts you receive .

The US English system language requirement also means that Alexa can only translate to and from English and one of the other supported languages ​​at a time, at least for now.

In the future, Live Translate may appear on more Alexa-enabled devices (and in other countries), but for now it may make it easier to welcome foreign visitors.

How to Use Alexa Live Translate on an Echo Device

  • When you’re ready to use Live Translate, say: “Alexa, please translate English to .” Other variations of the phrase should work; just be sure to tell Alexa which languages ​​to translate.
  • Continue your conversation as normal. Alexa will listen and translate as needed. Please note that you must stay close to your Echo speaker in order to hear and interpret both speakers clearly.
  • When the conversation is over, say “Alexa, stop” to disable live translation.

Final Words: How to Use Live Translate Mode in Alexa

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