In reflective pause mode, before the next move: Vijai | Goa News

Margao: Fatorda MLA Vijai Sardesai said on Tuesday he pressed the pause button to do some introspection and plan his next political move.
“In politics, there is something called a pause for reflection,” Sardesai said. “I’m thinking and I’m on a break.”
He made the statement when asked by reporters about his prolonged silence after the elections that led to the formation of the government. “We cannot start blaming this government immediately. You have to give them time before passing judgement,” he said.
To a question, he replied that he was an integral part of the opposition and that he had voted in favor of Alexio Sequeira, the opposition candidate, for the post of president.
Asked to comment on opposition leader Michael Lobo’s call for former members of Congress to return to the party fold, considering that he too was a congressman, Sardesai said: “The leader of the opposition himself joined Congress recently”.
Sardesai was speaking at the launch of the replacement of a 60mm diameter asbestos cement water pipe, which has lost its usefulness, with a new 100mm pipe. The pipeline is being replaced from Kala Fabs area to Gogol junction and will supply water to Vidyanagar and surrounding areas with increased pressure.
The work is estimated at Rs 21 crore.
The Chairman of the Margao City Council, Lyndon Periera, was also present on the occasion.
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