iOS: Clubhouse announces Dark Mode for Android and iOS

audio only social media application clubhouse announced dark mode on android and iOS. The feature will start rolling out for Android and iOS devices from Thursday 14 April.
To enable the feature, users need to go to settings and choose “dark mode”. From there, you will also have the options “Always in dark mode” or “User device settings” to set the mode according to your needs.
“It’s exactly what you’d expect: bright, but not too bright text on a dark, velvety background. This makes it easier for night owls to hang on to the Clubhouse until the wee hours of the morning (and might also save your battery life a bit). ,” the platform said in a blog post.
Clubhouse said users needn’t worry if they don’t see the feature on launch day itself, as the rollout can take up to two days to reach devices.
Clubhouse recently introduced a wave bar feature to make it easier to connect and chat with friends on the platform. The feature added a waving hand symbol to your friends’ profile icons at the top of the screen.
The Wave Bar features your friends’ profile pictures at the top of the app. When a friend comes online, you can wave to them and invite them to chat with you. With this feature, Waves can open social channels instead of private channels, so speakers’ friends can join the conversation and speakers can ping their friends.

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