Le Truitt works on supply chain issues, inflation

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Ryan Hiser and David Tran, owners of The Truitt, A Boutique Hotel, say between the pandemic and rising inflation, everyone deserves a good hotel stay.

“We need a trip,” Hiser said.

“We’re looking for a getaway ourselves,” Tran added.

As small business owners, Hiser and Tran make adjustments for inflation. In their personal lives, they do the same.

“We’re looking for something like everyone else,” Hiser said of a potential vacation. “We’re also going to do something local and small.”

Hiser and Tran also advised customers to watch local holidays as inflation continues to climb.

“So we’ve noticed people, they’re coming from that three to five hour radius, or even locally to come visit, or come to get away from it all, or they’re trying to take a trip that’s more affordable right now,” Hiser mentioned.

Frank Lenk, a local economist with the Mid America Regional Council, said gas prices accounted for 35% of the overall price increase. He said the key to affordable summer vacations is staying flexible about your plans.

“Instead of a plane trip, they can take a car trip, and when they take that car trip, they can’t travel that far in order to save on the actual cost of the trip, and that’s definitely going to change people’s travel plans,” says Lenk.

However, owners of Hotel Truitt say they are working hard on inflation and supply chain issues to ensure their guests have a pleasant stay.

“We give customers a surprise chocolate on their bed when they arrive, and the chocolates they currently have a little late, because the chocolates don’t necessarily take time to prepare, but because of the boxes they arrive in. , they’re really retarded,” Hiser said.

“Sometimes as a small business it’s harder for us to have this huge volume, but it’s something we have to plan for,” Tran said.

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