Marshall announces two new Bluetooth speakers, Marshall Stack Mode

People in the music industry, or almost anyone who’s ever held an electric guitar, are familiar with the Marshall brand. The legendary British amplifiers can be heard on every rock album from the early 60s to… well, today.

Now Marshal has announced two new models in its line of Bluetooth speakers, bringing iconic sounds (and sight) to the regular user. The first model is called the Willen, and it’s Marshall’s first attempt at the ultra-compact Bluetooth speaker.

The second model is a new version of the Emberton – appropriately called the Emberton II. Another new feature is the ability to stack these little Marshalls – just like the stacked amplifier walls you often see on MTV.

Both models now work with the Marshall Bluetooth app, which was previously unavailable for any of the company’s wearable models. You can tweak the EQ through the app, install firmware updates, and step into the modern era while keeping some of that 80s nostalgia in your back pocket. With the Emberton II, Marshall has also increased battery life by 20-30 hours over the previous one. version, and the Wallen and Emberton II are rated P67 for dust and water resistance. Both speakers also support Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity, and both are available for pre-order from Marshall. The Willen is priced at $119.99, while the Emberton II will set you back $169.99.

We’ll test them as soon as we get them, and while you’re waiting for your device, you can check out our Choose the best Bluetooth speakers and see what’s what.

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