Marshall’s smallest Bluetooth speaker features Stack mode

Hendrix. Motorhead. Nirvana. Marshall amp stacks have served some of the biggest names in rock. But not all destroyers have room for a sound barrier. Want a rocking speaker setup you can take on the road? Enter Willen: Marshall’s most portable Bluetooth speaker yet.

Far from being the first wireless speaker to adopt Marshall’s signature style, the little Willen is by far the smallest: weighing 310g and measuring just 101.6 x 100.5 x 40.4m, you won’t You won’t need a team of roadies to move this cute noise box.

But despite his small dimensions, Marshall believes that Willen is still the rock star. Combined with two passive radiators, a 2-inch full-range driver inside promises bold audio performance. And if the power is lacking, you can always pull out Willen’s party trick: Stack Mode. Press the pairing button and you can wirelessly connect an unlimited number of Willens, for a choir to blow up the tourist bus.

A built-in strap on the back means you can easily secure the Willen somewhere useful – like the neck of a guitar at rest – while the IP67 waterproofing should see it through the sweatiest pits. Plus, with over 15 hours of playtime from a single charge, it can last as long as the toughest partygoers.

Equalizer presets can be changed in the Marshall Bluetooth app, or go old-fashioned and change the control knob on the speaker itself. Due for release this summer, the Willen will hit shelves at £90 / $119.

Want beefier beats from a single slab? Marshall has also improved the sound chops of the slightly larger Emberton – already one of our favorite Bluetooth speakers. Like its predecessor, the Emberton II features a pair of 2-inch full-range speakers and matching passive radiators. Utilizing ‘True Stereophonic’ intelligence, it’s equipped to deliver substantial 360° sound, without sacrificing Marshall’s signature beefy style.

The Emberton II also gets a big battery boost: it’s now good for over 30 hours on a single charge, while an IP67 rating means it’s down for a dip. Add the skills of Wireless Stack Mode to the mix and its pick list looks incredibly heavy for something that hits the scales at 700g. It sounds good ? The Emberton II will also be launched this summer, priced at £150 / $169.

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