Midrand Police Spokesperson: Author, Speaker and Musician

When not answering calls from reporters for a commentary on the story they are making around Midrand, this police spokesperson spends most of his free time singing worship songs, writing a book or giving motivational talks.

Constable Eliot Tshwarelo Mabulane, who is staying in Midrand with his two sons, wants to change the world and fight gender-based violence (GBV) through his yet to be published book.

The 29-year-old is from Limpopo and has been with the South African Police Service (SAPS) for over a decade, having officially been with the department since 2014.

Midrand police spokesman Constable Eliot Mabulane hopes his book will change the men’s abusive traits. Photo: Supplied

“I’m a musician, a policeman, a motivational speaker, and a man on a book-writing journey. In 2014, I had the opportunity to be selected as a trainee in the SAPS and that’s where my career as a police officer began,” said Mabulane.

He previously worked at the Community Service Center in Ivory Park, before moving to Alexandra Cluster Crime Prevention, Sandton SAPS, before moving to the Midrand Vispol Component.

“In 2018, I joined detectives for a year and returned to Vispol. My passion was to engage with the community and fight crime at ground level – primarily affecting women and children. I had an interest in the communication department where I was officially appointed spokesperson in 2019”.

Midrand Police Spokesperson Constable Eliot Mabulane wants to fight GBV through his book. Photo: Supplied

Asked where his love for music originated, Mabulane said it all started at Zion Christian Church Sunday School, where he later became a choirmaster.

He grew up idolizing Dr Rebecca Nalope, Sechaba Padi, the late Monday Tyara and Lucky Dube.

“I have two singles in the pipeline which will be released before the end of October this year. The reason I chose to write a book was to tell my story about the pain I went through in my early childhood, seeing my mother being physically abused. I encourage women to talk about the abuse and not stay in abusive relationships.”

Midrand Police Spokesperson Constable Eliot Mabulane is aiming to release a Gospel album. Photo: Supplied

Mabulane said that with his book he aims and hopes to reach men who are the main contributors of violence against women and children.

He concluded that no woman should face inflicted pain or any form of abuse, all in the name of love.

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