Motivational speaker Kademaunga defies the odds

Multiple award-winning motivational speaker Sinikiwe Kademaunga opposed every odds and limits labeled against people with disabilities to be a role model for many in society.

Born without hands or knees, Kademaunga has shown that disability is not a disability, as she breaks down barriers, becoming a famous entrepreneur and blogger, all in one.

Kademaunga, 27, who has won several awards both locally and internationally for his advocacy work, said NewsDay Life & Style that she strives to do more.

“I am a motivational speaker and a confidence coach who helps young people gain self-confidence. I do programs around confidence coaching, building self esteem, leadership skills and body confidence as well, ”she said.

“I am also invited to popular events and have been asked to be a speaker at a virtual international program in Australia where I will share my life journey.”

Kademaunga said that despite her condition, she can do most of the things on her own, although sometimes she needs a little help.

“Personally, I have never had a bad job experience. I have always been self-employed because I can do almost everything on my own with a little help here and there, ”she said.

“My husband is also very supportive of my work. “

Just like the wish of any other able-bodied woman, Kademaunga has stated that she is married and does not face any issues related to her condition.

“My marriage has been good so far and I have not encountered any disability-related marriage issues,” she said.

Kademaunga, however, lamented the infrastructure challenges that she said limit her mobility and ability to fully function in society.

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