No “speakerphone mode”: mobile phone model code for KSRTC bus travelers

Bangalore, Nov 12 (IANS): Following a series of complaints about passengers using cellphones while traveling, the state government has banned putting cellphones on “speakerphone mode” inside buses, it said. the Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) on Friday.

The KSRTC has also issued a circular setting guidelines for the use of mobile phones by passengers with the aim of relieving other passengers and ensuring a smooth journey.

The circular dated Thursday, November 11 said: “In recent days, passengers have been using mobile phones more and more. They have been noticed to listen to music, movies, news while traveling and put their cell phones on speakerphone mode.

“It disturbs other passengers and loud noises make the journey unpleasant. A Public Interest Litigation (PIL) is also filed in the Karnataka High Court in this regard,” KSRTC Managing Director Shivayogi Kalasad said.

The circular stated that playing mobile phones in speakerphone mode to watch movies, songs, news and videos is against Karnataka Motor Vehicle Act 1989 Rule 94(1)(V) . Drivers are encouraged to make passengers aware of this.

Drivers are advised to ask the mobile user not to put the mobile on loudspeaker and to tell him that this is disturbing others. If passengers continue to do so and violate the directive, the driver or driver may remove the passenger from the vehicle. The guideline allows the conductor and driver to stop the bus until the passenger gets off. The ticket price will also not be refunded to these passengers. The circular also requested to submit an action report on the guidelines prescribed therein.

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