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HUNDREDS of women from the Midwest gathered in Orange for an evening of Buddha bowls, pasture platters and pizzas, in an atmosphere described as “incredibly moving” and “captivating”. Hosted by Amorette Zielinski of Facebook’s Central West Mums online community, the second Mumfest event took place at the Orange Ex-Services’ Club on March 12, with special guest Samantha Bloom creating several waves of different feelings in the crowd all-gal . “As our emcee commented, you could hear a pin drop when all eyes were on Sam Bloom – there was a lot of emotion in the room,” Ms Zielinski said. ALSO MAKE NEWS: “The whole room was captivated and moved by her story. Everyone was blown away and I honestly had so many women who came up to me after she spoke and said ‘oh my God, Sam looked absolutely amazing “with tears still in some of their eyes.” Two-time parasurfing world champion Samantha Bloom would be the ‘highlight’ of the Mumfest event, with the best-selling author – and the inspiration behind Australia’s number one box office and Netflix international hit film , Penguin Bloom – inviting other moms into her past and present. Supported by photographic content by her husband, the audience was given another level of ‘moving’ context during Ms Bloom’s speech, with Ms Zielinski describing how it unfolded to deliver quite a powerful punch. “It was just a really great story with amazing images and visuals from Cam Bloom – who is an amazing photographer – to go along with the whole story,” she said. “There were wonderful pictures of their boys as Sam spoke, pictures of magpies from his book, great laughs – everyone said the whole delivery blew them away.” Followed by a personal meeting, photo and autograph sessions, the Mumfest organizer said Ms Bloom stayed with the women until late. “All the books that were stacked on the table just disappeared,” Ms Zielinski said. “[Samantha Bloom] was still there until 11 p.m. to sign books, talk with everyone, listen and share. The women were just lined up to chat with her after feeling so incredibly moved and captivated by the story of her life and what she has achieved since then – it was definitely the highlight of the evening.” With the Virus COVID-19 cackling in the face of so many planned events over the past two years, Ms Zielinski said while there were bumps in the road with venue changes, the ‘spectacular’ evening was well-deserved “People loved the vibe in the room and so many of the ladies said they really hadn’t had a party in so long, so it was just the right time to bring everyone out. world, because God, we’ve waited a long time,” she said. I realize that there just haven’t been women-only events like this and I think we need more events that support women and get them out, because that’s only for their well-being and their social ties. “It was an epic night for the women to dance, catch up with friends and just reconnect.” With over $4,500,000 in prizes donated by local businesses, sponsors and prize partners, two winners were drawn on the evening for a VERTO “tech pack” and RM Williams boots donated by Blowes Clothing. “With COVID also being so unpredictable at the time, we wanted all ticket holders to be in the running for the raffles, whether the event was canceled or people couldn’t make it, so we’re going to attract more of winners to announce online today,” Ms. Zielinski said. people having the confidence to date lots of people again was fantastic.” With her third Mumfest event reportedly already in the works, Ms. Zielinski is also looking forward to the band’s next concert online later in the year, the Central West Mums Awards.”I designed it to be an acknowledgment and acknowledgment of people doing amazing things in the communities or across the Midwest,” she said. “There are awards co Ms. Hero of the Year, Angel of the Year, Mom and Business of the Year awards, recognizing great and extraordinary volunteer work – it’s as voted by much of our community audience, so it can There will be two events, but we’ll just have to wait and see.” For more information about the Central West Mums group, search for the page via Facebook or head to the website.


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