President’s decision fully justified: Pyngrope

SHILLONG, December 24: All India Trinamool Congress (AITC) President, Meghalaya President Charles Pyngrope, on Friday called “fully justified” the president’s rejection of two rounds of disqualification requests filed by Congress against the 12 deputies.
Pyngrope told the Shillong Times that the dozen former congressmen, who had “merged” with TIAC, met the criteria of the anti-defection law.
The president’s decision justifies former chief minister Mukul Sangma and Pyngrope who said the merger was legal and constitutional.
Pyngrope said MPs were invited by the president and all signed the documents in front of the president. The president’s office compared the signatures to verify authenticity, he said.
When asked if Congress can challenge the president’s order in court, the TIAC state president, who is himself a former president, said the party can do so because in a democracy, the doors are always open to redress grievances and no one can stop it. .
“We can only say that our merger was legal because we fulfilled the conditions set out in the tenth schedule of the Constitution (anti-defection law),” Pyngrope said. Regarding Congress’ decision to expand support for the Meghalaya Democratic Alliance of which the BJP is a component, he said that state political parties have always supported the government on matters of public interest, which this is Domestic Line Permit (ILP) or Citizenship Act (Amendment).
He recalled that the Assembly had unanimously supported the government’s resolution on ILP and the inclusion of the Khasi and Garo languages ​​in the eighth annex of the Constitution.

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