Rivian ‘Camp Mode’ makes it easy for you to rest in the open air

Rivian CEO RJ Scaringe took to social media over the weekend to show off some of his electric truck’s nifty new features, dubbed Camp Mode. Included in the next OTA update, they were designed to make life a little more convenient when the truck becomes a temporary home.

In a short video, Scaringe walks through several, but the piece de resistance is the Rivian’s auto-leveling feature. It uses the height adjustment of the truck’s fully independent air suspension to lay the body flat. This is a particularly useful detail when sleeping in the vehicle at campsites which may have uneven surfaces. The Rivian’s suspension comes with an impressive 6.5 inches of vertical range at each wheel.

Beyond auto-leveling, Camp Mode also allows the car to go into “deep sleep” mode to conserve battery charge. The internal screens can also be turned off completely, so as not to blind campers or draw attention to the vehicle parked at night. Additionally, spotlights in the mirrors can help illuminate the campsite and there’s also noise level adjustment and courtesy mode management, but Scaringe didn’t specify those.

This may already be fixed, but if we had any say in it, we’d include a way to periodically run the air conditioning to maintain a certain temperature throughout the night without turning on the car or its screens, while preserving enough juice to return to the nearest charging station.

Rivians already comes with a detachable speaker that doubles as a lantern or flashlight. As a self-proclaimed electric vehicle for adventurers, it makes sense that Rivian would continue to appeal to overlanders with features that make it easy to get through a few nights outdoors.

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