Sajan Shah, motivational speaker and memory man from India on his mission to inspire today’s youth to create a better tomorrow

Man on a mission, Sajan Shah, an inspirational leader on his way to nurture quality leaders to shape a better future. It’s you against you in the end – Says Sajan Shah

“When the going gets tough, the tough go. There will be times when you get stuck and want to give up on your dreams

As the audience is mesmerized by the speaker in front of them, something completely magical happens. Listeners’ minds soar, their skin tingles, and a world of new possibilities opens up. All well-known motivational speakers have the power to encourage people to watch with a bright perspective when everyone else turns them down. To fill their hearts with great hope and inspiration is their main ambition. Sajan Shah is that famous name in the industry that pats you on the back even in your biggest failure. Throughout his miraculous journey, Sajan Shah never compromised on his ethics and morals. He believes he is a born speaker who exists to change people’s lives.

Every year Sajan works with 15 cities in India with his 7 day series, 80 companies, 8 countries and helps the world to improve their lives.

Raising society with a visionary spirit

Sajan Shah, a man of great vision and deep insight, encountered various obstacles in life but never stopped trying his best. Sharing his journey of success, Sajan said, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going. There will be times when you get stuck and want to give up on your dreams, but the warrior within you will encourage you again and again to rise up and fight. Your willful nature towards your journey to success will make you unique and give you amazing results”.

The Sajan Shah Foundation has blessed and boosted many aspiring conquerors with a boost of motivation and emotional support. Shah’s strong personality and fiery attitude have won him the love of many powerful celebrities. Vice President of India Venkaiah Naidu, Hon. Piyush Goyal, Chief Minister of Maharashtra Devendra Fadnavis, YogGuru Baba Ramdev, Ambassador for World Peace Acharya Dr. Lokesh Muni, and many others applauded his unbeatable and unparalleled journey of success.

Discover Talent with his remarkable career path

Sajan Shah is on his way to unleash hidden talents and introduce jaw-dropping potential

among the spectators. Earning multiple accolades under his name, he has proven that nothing is impossible if you do it the right way. The youngest motivational speaker, Memory Man, Youth Peace Ambassador, author, humanitarian, success mentor, TEDx speaker, founder of United First and working on the UN Sustainable Development Goals, Shah has achieved it all in just 11 year.

With his groundbreaking books and ultimate programs, Sajan captured the hearts of listeners, transforming their lives into a magical universe. 365 Daily Motivation, 52 Weeks-52 Motivation, Untold Stories of Your Heroes are some of the empowering books written by outstanding leader Sajan Shah. Apart from writing, he has also invested his time and energy in providing ultimate life mastery programs. Youth motivation and development, self-control, boosting your business, you against you, and many more have helped the masses look deeper into their souls and produce stupendous results.

As a leader who lives to inspire people to achieve greatness, Sajan has hosted over 300 free motivational sessions and around 2500 inspirational talks in schools and colleges.

Each year, he pledges to work for the development of our country’s youth to create a better future. Through his life-transforming seminars and programs, he has touched the lives of millions and left his mark for others to follow.

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