Shawn Fair brings dynamic speaker Angela Hooper-Menifield, MPA, SPHR, SCP, CHBC to step onto the big stage

Shawn Fair is a world-renowned motivational speaker and trainer who has spent more than two decades thriving in the corporate world. Throughout his career, Shawn has become one of the industry’s most sought-after speakers. With an elevated platform, he developed a program that takes speakers through an audition process on stage, allowing them to host their leadership show. Recently Shawn Fair reached out and brought one of the most dynamic speakers on stage by bringing Angela Hooper-Menifield, MPA, SPHR, SCP, CHBC on stage.

Angela Hooper-Menifield, MPA, SPHR, SCP, CHBC, is the Equipment Manager (CEO) of Menifield & Associates, a company that builds and equips supervisors and teams through coaching, training, speaking openness and behavioral assessments. Prior to starting her business, Angela spent nearly three decades working with the federal government as a senior executive. Eventually, Angela embarked on entrepreneurship and created positive work experiences by training successful supervisors and leaders within the public sector.

In addition to being CEO of her company, Angela is also an independent executive director on the John Maxwell team, a faculty member at JMT and an assistant instructor at St. Joseph’s College in Brooklyn, New York. Additionally, she is a Launch Director with BNI New Jersey and a member of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DCI) Committee of Business Network International (BNI) in the United States. She focuses her efforts on creating training content to support BNI’s DCI vision.

Menifield & Associates combines rules and regulations with emotional intelligence and performance management, using the team’s in-depth knowledge and certifications in the area of ​​human resources (HR) and serving as a review instructor. SHRM certification. As a result, the firm enables executives to navigate effectively by promoting potential and greatness within while legally escorting and promoting those who have no vested interest.

While other companies in the industry provide similar services, Menifield & Associates sets itself apart from other companies by combining expert education with applied application, ensuring participants that they will learn the proper methods and skills necessary to lead and supervise. Participants also apply what they have learned and mastered in a safe environment, bringing their knowledge to their working environment with new cells of recognition that translate into a higher degree of success.

Founder and CEO Angela Hooper-Menifield, MPA, SPHR, SCP, CHBC, dove into the industry when she realized the professional development space was saturated with leadership mantras almost at the cost of not recalling to leaders that oversight is just as important.

“If someone leads when they should be supervising or supervising in situations where it is necessary to lead, they fail and end up in a situation that I call ‘leadership regret’,” explained Angela. “I felt there was a need to amplify and reward the skill of supervision and put it back in its proper place.”

While Menifield & Associates has already made an impact in the industry, Angela hopes to take her business to the next level with books, training and lectures by rekindling a fire of supervision in the hearts of organizations around the world and by bringing it back to life. equipping leaders with the appropriate tools to lead and oversee while inspiring those who have a significant impact on the workplace and the customer.

Learn more about Angela Hooper-Menifield, MPA, SPHR, SCP, CHBC by visiting her official website. You can also contact her through Facebook and LinkedIn.

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