Sonos adds sleep mode to all devices in new green initiative

Sonos is adding sleep mode to all speakers as part of a new product sustainability program that aims to help the business become more environmentally friendly.

In addition to a number of other measures designed to help the company be more environmentally friendly, His bone will add sleep mode to all of its products by 2023. The Sonos Roam speaker already has the built-in function and allows the device to turn off automatically when not in use. Roam and Move are the company’s only portable speakers currently.

Sonos has long been an option for tech enthusiasts looking for a great sounding speaker. The company’s products include built-in functionality for Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant, and can natively play all major music streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, YouTube Music, and Tidal. Sonos products are also interoperable with multi-room audio and support Apple’s AirPlay 2.


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Now, in an effort to be more environmentally friendly across the board, Sonos says all of its new products will have a sleep mode by 2023. Starting next year, the company also wants to reduce standby power consumption of up to two watts for all of its products (not just new ones), but will start with its portable devices. Sonos says product energy use is the primary contributor to the company’s overall carbon footprint and the goal is to become carbon neutral by 2030 and net zero by 2040.

A victory for Sonos and the planet

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In addition to adding sleep mode to more devices, Sonos plans to use recycled plastics in all of its new products by 2023, and even more sustainable packaging by 2025. It’s all part of the new. Product sustainability program, which should be good news for everyone involved. The longer a product is effective and supported, the better for the planet. The introduction of sleep mode, especially on portable products, is a great initiative as it will help extend batteries in the long run.

Batteries are consumable items and will eventually stop working, but the longer they can be used the better. Reducing the amount of power consumed by a battery is a great first step. Adding software features that help prevent the battery from remaining fully charged for long periods of time would also help. Even for non-battery powered products, low power consumption will help lower electricity bills and save users money.

Sonos is not the first, nor the last tech company to try to go carbon neutral or even net zero. From traditional tech companies like Google and Apple to automakers like Ford and Tesla, going green appears to be a trend right now. As single-use plastics, pollution and endless energy consumption harm the planet in the long run, the more companies that join His bone and the rest, good for everyone.

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