Tesla Track mode is coming to non-performance models

By Clint Payne

Coming soon to all Tesla models equipped with an external speaker, a new feature will allow your car to emit loud farting sounds outside the vehicle. This new added feature was confirmed by Elon’s recent tweet earlier in March.

According to Elon’s tweet, the fart sound, which is currently a feature of Tesla’s Toybox, will require you to say “Fart in their general direction.”

Toybox feature on shows

Currently, the Toybox feature is housed in the Entertainment section of the car’s infotainment system.

One of the features available in the Toybox is the emissions test mode. It allows the car to play random fart noises through its speakers.

You can choose which individual speaker the sound comes from, making the fart sound sound like it is coming from a specific individual or seat.

You can also have your car do things like play the Holiday Show, activate Mars Mode, which places the vehicle in a Martian landscape, and even activate Romance Mode, which lets you relax with your loved ones near the virtual fireplace.

How does Tesla broadcast sounds outside the vehicle?

As Tesla continues to improve in-vehicle entertainment features, the new fart feature will utilize the vehicle’s Pedestrian Warning System (PWS), which plays media externally on cars. When Tesla first started including the PWS speaker in cars in 2019, it was only designed to emit a low hum at low speeds, whether in drive or reverse. It was added to cars to comply with US regulations.

With this new feature, Tesla will likely also let sound play through the internal speakers if your vehicle is not equipped with a PWS.

Voice commands

Tesla has added various voice commands to improve the driver experience, but this will be one of the few Toybox-specific voice commands. Another popular voice command linked to a Toybox feature is “Enable Santa Claus Mode”, which will launch Santa Claus Mode.

Most Tesla owners take advantage of Climate Control voice commands and media controls while driving, but we also have our top five voice commands list, or you can choose to see all available voice commands.

Will this be allowed in the car?

No. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHSTA), Tesla faced a software recall that Elon Musk blames on the “funny police”. NHSTA is unhappy that Tesla allowed drivers to play sounds like a fart sound on an external speaker. Federal officials said this is a huge safety issue for pedestrians who may not interpret these “amusing” sounds as a proper warning system or pedestrian alert.

Tesla has since released a firmware update to disable the Boombox feature while driving. As of the 2022.8 update, you can no longer use Boombox in the car if you are in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

When this feature is released it will be a great addition to the Emissions Toybox feature and most importantly will make owning a Tesla even more fun. Stay tuned for new fart feature in an upcoming update.

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