Tony Khan responds to MJF threat to test free agent waters

Tony Khan doesn’t seem worried that MJF threatens to test the waters of free agent wrestling when his AEW contract ends.

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MJF just cut an incredible promo on Wednesday’s episode of AEW Dynamite when he stood across the ring facing one of the other best performers to ever hold a mic. In about 18 minutes, MJF reminded everyone how good he was. Knowing his own worth, AEW’s biggest heel has previously stated that he will be open to any wrestling company that wishes to bid for his services when their current AEW contract is completed.

While some think comments like this are only MJF, others think he might be telling the truth. They believe he has every intention of seeing what WWE or another wrestling company may have to offer and that he intends to cash in when a potential bidding war begins. While this is far from close to reality, it is already a topic that is frequently discussed amid the brewing competition between AEW and WWE. AEW chairman Tony Khan even commented on the speculation.


While a guest on Exploded open radio, Khan said, “I signed him (MJF) to a five-year contract two years ago, he has three years left. I am absolutely fine. There could be a bidding war in 2024, that’s fine with me. ”

Khan’s confidence probably comes from a few different places. First, he is not afraid of money. If it’s money that MJF wants, AEW and Khan have it. Second, it’s unclear where WWE will be and where AEW will be and by the year 2024 it’s unclear where these two companies will rank in terms of mountain top. WWE may not be an attractive option for MJF and no amount of money is worth taking the leap.

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Khan probably has a plan

The fact that Khan seems so cavalier about it suggests that he already feels confident about the future and where MJF falls in AEW or that he just doesn’t care and will make the most of MJF. now. Either that makes sense and that explains why AEW moved so quickly to bring CM Punk and MJF together in the ring. It’s a feud that everyone wanted to see and it’s best to do it as long as there are no questions about the contracts to get in the way.

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