Visually impaired YouTuber and motivational speaker from Kochi tops Class 12 CBSE exams

A 19-year-old visually impaired girl, Youtuber, singer and motivational speaker from Kochi, Kerala topped the CBSE class 12 in the category of students with disabilities. Hannah Alice Simon, who has microphthalmia (a birth defect that left her blind), scored 496 out of 500.

“Really happy and grateful to God,” she said, quoted by news agency ANI, after the results of the CBSE class 12 for students with disabilities were published.

Gritty Simon, despite the difficulties and challenges faced since childhood, continued to study in a normal school instead of a special school. “My parents made this choice for me – when you study in a special school for 12 years, you are cut off from the rest of the world. So my parents thought that instead of going from a special school to a normal school , it was better to study in a normal school from the beginning,” Hannah told ANI.

After earning her grade in the Class 12 exams, Hannah broke her silence about the challenges she faced competing against normal students her age and studying at a normal school. “I was bullied when I was young and other students kept me at bay. But I knew I was going to meet these challenges in my life, so facing them from early childhood made me strong. to face life’s greatest challenges,” the teenager said. , from Kochi, said.

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